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Troll Caravan Released

New 28mm Glorantha
via Kickstarter

I used to go to the games shop every week looking for new Runequest minis. Tired of waiting for new products, MadKnight was born. Selling UK designed & manufactured minis. Licenced by Moon Design LLC

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KS4 has just been launched on kickstarter


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When do I receive my reward?

When a KS has been sucessfully funded, the sculpt is put into a production mould. After this, we order all minis through our trusted manufacturing partner. Within 3-4 weeks, we begin to ship products.

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How can I track my KS Reward?

Once your KS Reward has had a shipping label generated, you can track using your email address on our website.

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When do you run KickStarters?

We aim to run a KickStarter every 4 months. However, to make sure you don't miss out. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter.

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