About MadKnight

I have been playing Runequest and wargaming in the world of Glorantha for over 30 years. When I was younger, I would go every week to the games shop to see if "anything new for Runequest" was in. Finally I gave up waiting and started to sort things myself. Back in 2011 I set up Mad Knight Castings, but pressures of work meant it never got going properly and I had to shut things down in 2013. Now I have the time I want to finish the job I started This is hopefully the first of many small figure Kickstarters. Later in the year I will be releasing Glorantha skirmish rules, which are currently being playtested. Most of the Trollkin and Scorpionmen figures in the range were sculpted by the late Steve Trickett. These figures only made it to the metal master stage. Bob Soutar has sculpted the bodies for Augustus and Barnard. This kickstarter enables the manufacture of production molds for the figures.