Enemies of Sartar Part 1

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September 2018

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This is hopefully the first of many small figure Kickstarters. Later in the year I will be releasing Glorantha skirmish rules, which are currently being playtested. Most of the Trollkin and Scorpionmen figures in the range were sculpted by the late Steve Trickett. These figures only made it to the metal master stage. Bob Soutar has sculpted the bodies for Augustus and Barnard. This kickstarter enables the manufacture of production molds for the figures.

I'd like to give you a heads up on the figures


This is my favorite sculpt of all time. It's Neepson Leadheart, Mantis rider and leader of the Trollkin raiders. Neepson and his motley crew raid Tarsh, Dragon Pass, Dagori Inkarth and sometimes into Prax itself. The full backstory of Neepson, his patron and RQG stats and scenario ideas for him and his team are provided in pdf format with the figures.

Neepson Leadheart, Mantis Rider

Neepson is accompanied
by his
Trollkin Raiders

Neepson is accompanied by his trollkin raiders, an elite, and not so elite, bunch of trollkin.


Steve just loved sculpting monsters, and here are his Scorpionmen. The scorps are based around the leadership of Queen Bogotrix, who was a Mistress Race Troll Devoured by Bagog in the Godtime. For the first 1000 years of her life Bogotrix was very, very insane, but all that has changed now. Really it has. She has been killed many times, but always manages to return to hunt down her killers. The full backstory of Bogotrix and her band will be available as a pdf download with the figures along with suggested stats and scenario ideas for RQG.

Stretch Goal 1
Queen Bogotrix

At £650 we will make a production mold of Queen Bogotrix. She is available as an add on to any reward at £28

Queen Bagotrix with human for scale only

Stretch Goal 2
Trollkin Battering Ram

At £750 we will make a production mold of the Trollkin Battering Ram. essential kit for any Trollkin raiding party needing to break down a few doors. The Trollkin Battering Ram will be available as as add-on for £6.

Trollkin Battering Ram

Stretch Goal 3
Augustus and Barnard

At £1000 we put into production two additional Scorpionmen, Augustus and Barnard, both former members of Danfive Xaron before they were volunteered for special redemptive duties.

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