Glorantha Skirmish War | Part 3

Sucessfully Funded

Sucessfully Funded in July 2019

Shipping in September

The Lasadag Lions and Axe Sisters are in production moulds, and the Big Bird Rider just needs a production mould, which we will commission once we are funded. All figures are sold unpainted and without display bases, except for Balazar Big Bird where the display base is included.

Minis hand crafted by by Leandro Ventic and Ebob

Skirmish War
Part 3

This is my third Glorantha miniatures Kickstarter. It consists of 3 rewards, 14 "Lasdag Lions" a Lunar Infantry Regiment, 14 "Babeester Gor Axe Sisters" and Balazar Big Bird, and his rider. They are all 28mm heroic scale, and are compatible with my previous projects and current Gloranthan releases from other manufacturers.

Big Bird

Balazar Big Bird flies high over Balazar looking for enemies of Yelmalio. He graciously carries a rider from the Citadel of Dykene. The reward consists of the bird consisting of resin base as shown and 5 part resin bird with metal rider and wire spear. There is also a dismounted rider figure included ( shown below, with wire spear but no drill bit!).


The Lasdag Lions are a Lunar Infantry Regiment that worships a Lion war god. Lasdag Veterans carry a shield with a lion face that roars and bites at the enemy. The standard incorporates the Regimental Wyter. In camp the lion sleeps on top of the standard. On the march the Lion sits up looking around for enemies. In battle the lion jumps from the standard, grows to an enormous size and attacks the enemy with tooth and claw. The reward consists of 14 Lasdag Lions including the standard bearer. Shields and spears are white metal cast with the figure, and shield are separate.

Axe Sisters

The Axe Sisters are fearsome warriors dedicated to defending the Earth and their their fellow women. They hunt down defilers and do terrible things to those who have offended them. The Sisters carry severed body parts as trophies and to remind those around them of the fate that awaits those who would wrong them.

Balazar Big Bird looks forward to flying into your postbox.

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